Pickleball Anyone? 6 Lessons Learned About Business and Life

Pickleball, Are You Kidding?

What is that? And how can I possibly learn about reaching business goals and creating success in life?  Sounds like a silly game with a pickle-shaped racket or squishy ball. An avid tennis player, until the past few years, I would never have considered such a silly game except that there was an invitation near the elevator in my building.  And the court is literally right downstairs.  So, 3 weeks ago I ventured downstairs to see what this silly game was all about. Continue reading

Which Direction Are You Facing In Business And In Love —–> Future, Present Or Past?

  • Have you been blind sided by change, unable to keep up with latest trends?
  • Do you feel like a dinosaur living and working in a new and changing world, a world which has become increasingly difficult for you to navigate? 
  • Are you struggling to build a successful counseling or coaching practice, unable to attract enough clients and forced to work for someone else at a lower salary?
  • Have you been unwillingly had to close or downsize your business that had previously been quite successful or have you been laid off from a secure well-paying position?
  • Is your current relationship struggling to survive or are you afraid you are about to lose the love of your life?

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Are You Commitment Phobic?

Commitment to Success


Recently I was invited to participate in a virtual love summit entitled “From Dating to Commitment”. So many men and women nowadays seem to be commitment phobic, dating but not forming exclusive relationships. And many are not even dating, just hanging out with friends and sometimes offering these friends their “benefits”.  This lack of focus and commitment trickles over into business building and work ethics.  Continue reading

Your Marketing Style – Could It Use A Tweak?

What is YOUR Marketing Style?

                              In your practice

                              In your business

                              In your personal relationships? 

Marketing Check SignsDo you portray a congruent set of intentions, skills, attitudes and behaviors or is something not quite right in your overall marketing style and approach?

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Listen to the Creator of the Passion and Romance Summit


Dr. Erica Interviews Iris Benrubi



As therapists, we have studied and practiced different methods and approaches to working with our clients.  Each of us has developed our style combining what we have learned with our unique personality traits as well as our likes and dislikes. Continue reading