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Your Marketing Style – Could It Use A Tweak?

What is YOUR Marketing Style?

                              In your practice

                              In your business

                              In your personal relationships? 

Marketing Check SignsDo you portray a congruent set of intentions, skills, attitudes and behaviors or is something not quite right in your overall marketing style and approach?

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Listen to the Creator of the Passion and Romance Summit


Dr. Erica Interviews Iris Benrubi



As therapists, we have studied and practiced different methods and approaches to working with our clients.  Each of us has developed our style combining what we have learned with our unique personality traits as well as our likes and dislikes. Continue reading

What Do YOU Know About Marketing, Promotion and Sales?

Reaching Your Target Market


What do YOU know about building YOUR business or your private practice?

Do you know how to consistently reach your potential clients and then keep them coming back for more?

What would it mean to you if you could learn the secrets of marketing, promotion, publicity, and sales?

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What Does Your Brain Know That You Don’t?

Have you ever heard of Brainathon?  I recently took one of the programs and it has inspired me to share the next one with you. 

John Assaraf talks about BrainathonAs practicing  psychotherapists as well as many coaches and healing practitioners, authors and entrepreneurs, we regularly have access to the inner world of our clients.  We listen and ask questions and continue to probe until a light goes off and the client has an “Aha” moment.  And what is that Aha moment all about?  It is a moment in time when the internal world was made visible to you, (the therapist, the author or even the salesperson) and most of all to your client.

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