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Pickleball Anyone? 6 Lessons Learned About Business and Life

Pickleball, Are You Kidding?

What is that? And how can I possibly learn about reaching business goals and creating success in life?  Sounds like a silly game with a pickle-shaped racket or squishy ball. An avid tennis player, until the past few years, I would never have considered such a silly game except that there was an invitation near the elevator in my building.  And the court is literally right downstairs.  So, 3 weeks ago I ventured downstairs to see what this silly game was all about. Continue reading

Relationships Grow With Blogging and Social Media

Why Should YOU Blog and Share on Social Media?

  • Relationships Develop Through Sharing and Trust

  • Your Blog Brands You & Social Media Gives Social Proof



  • You are a licensed therapist, medical or health practitioner
  • You are a coach, mentor or service provider in your niche
  • You sell your own or other people’s products and services
  • You own and operate a store or business in your local area

Continue reading