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Which Direction Are You Facing In Business And In Love —–> Future, Present Or Past?

  • Have you been blind sided by change, unable to keep up with latest trends?
  • Do you feel like a dinosaur living and working in a new and changing world, a world which has become increasingly difficult for you to navigate? 
  • Are you struggling to build a successful counseling or coaching practice, unable to attract enough clients and forced to work for someone else at a lower salary?
  • Have you been unwillingly had to close or downsize your business that had previously been quite successful or have you been laid off from a secure well-paying position?
  • Is your current relationship struggling to survive or are you afraid you are about to lose the love of your life?

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Where Do YOU Look For Counseling Or Coaching Success?

Look Inside to Discover The SecretFor many years as I created my blogs, articles, teleseminars, videos, webinars and even my own blogging tribe, I thought there was a right way and a wrong way to attract clients, customers, colleagues, joint ventures, or even speaking engagements.  That seemed to be the message I heard over and over again from the many  high energy, success oriented and wealthy online and offline coaches and entrepreneurs I had observed and trained with. Continue reading

For the Love of Your Game and Your Practice

This post is inspired by an article I read about the tenacity, hard work, and determination of tennis champion, Maria Sharapova. (Tennis Magazine, U.S. Open Issue, “For the Love of the Game” by Stephen Tignor) If you have had the privilege of watching her long legged, graceful domination of the tennis court you may think to yourself: “Well, she is beautiful and tall and has the natural body type and physicality to be successful.” Wrong!  Maria Sharapova

Yes, Maria Sharapova is beautiful. Yes, she is tall which makes her serve a powerful force to be reckoned with. Yes, she has long legs that help her to easily cover a greater distance on the court. Yes, she does have some natural physicality that assists her in her drive toward being a champion. But that is where it stops. Her natural physical attributes only assist her in getting started. But many men and women are born with natural physical abilities. Very few become champions or masters of their craft.  Continue reading